logo-editoriaIn April 2006, relevant departments of the University of Tokyo established a collaborative initiative among researchers from various fields, such as public policy, global earth observation, information science and technology, disasters, and agriculture, which was named The Earth Observation Data Integration & Fusion Research Initiative (EDITORIA).

The Earth Observation Data Integration & Fusion Research Initiative (EDITORIA) aims at establishing a liaison department which consists from the various fields, such as public policies, global earth observations, informationscience-technologies, disasters, and agricultures. We cooperate mutually, to create information which contributes to a sound decision making in risk managements and resource controls through a deep understaning of the global environments, to improve the prediction capabilities, by an effective utilization of the various, massive earth observation data from heterogeneous sources of information.

With the support of Japanese Government as one of the key national projects, EDITORIA has developed “Data Integration and Analysis System” (DIAS) – a demonstrative data system that effectively and efficiently integrates global observation data and information and has been disseminating novel research breakthroughs in the understanding, prediction and adaptation to global environmental changes, particularly with regards to changes in the water cycle and its influence on water management systems and society at the global- to river basin-scale.

For more details, please visit the EDITORIA website.