DIAS History of Development

Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS) originated from global environment data repository in the 1980’s lead by Late Prof. Mikio Takagi at the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo. It has continued to develop with the support of numerous projects.

The phase I project of Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS) launched in 2006, and a prototype was developed in 2010. This project established the world’s first platform providing scientific information to evaluate the impact of climate change and plan its adaption measures on fields such as the water cycle and agriculture, which is based on the diverse and massive integrated data regarding earth observation, climate change prediction, etc.

Phase II started from 2011, with the name changed to the Data Integration & Analysis System Program (DIAS-P). During this phase, the further advancement and expansion of functionality were carried out to apply DIAS as a social and public infrastructure.

Phase III has been underway since 2016, as the Program to Promote the Development of Earth Environmental Information Platform. This project focuses on developing and operating the long-term stable system as a social platform with the aim of providing the service and operating the applications, which would help solve various social problems, including climate change adaptation and mitigation.