Temporary unavailability of DIAS account system

Some of DIAS apps will be unavailable on the following date and time.

August 16th (Thu), 13:00 – 17:00 JST (UTC+9)

The Apps which will be suspended are followings:

  • DIAS account system
  • DIAS Metadata Management System
  • XRAIN Realtime Precipitation Data
  • GPV Data Archive
  • DIAS Data Download System
  • GCM20 Download System
  • XRAIN Original Data Download System
  • CMIP5 Data Analysis System
  • QOL Visualization System
  • d4PDF Data Download System
  • Himawari-8 Data Download and Processing System
  • The fast tsunami simulation system for the Sea of Japan

This unavailability is for the system update of DIAS account system. The duration of this update might be changed, and the unavailable time of the apps to be affected by this operation might be changed accordingly. After this update, the design of the login page will be also updated.

Thank you for your cooperation.