How to Use DIAS

To use DIAS, the following two terms (policy) apply to all users.
Please ensure you check all details.

DIAS Terms of Service
DIAS Privacy Policy

Procedure for use of DIAS (Account Application)

DIAS accounts are broadly classified into three kinds.

  1. DIAS account
  2. DIAS analysis environment account
  3. Individual management accounts

1. DIAS account

These accounts are for the use of Web-based applications such as the DIAS Download System, the DIAS Metadata Management System, the CMIP5 Data Analysis System, etc. They use a common authentication infrastructure and enable a single sign-on. In order to apply for an account, please fill out the required fields of the application form below and submit it.

» Account application form (Please agree to the privacy policy and send the form.)

Data sets subject to the DIAS data policy alone can be downloaded via an account acquired by this application. Certification procedures can vary for data sets that require the approval of the data provider, but work is currently underway to allow users who do not have access rights and require the download of such data to move forward with application procedures for applications that can be made over by the Web.

Please inquire to the service reception desk or the DIAS office concerning web applications that require approval for use.

2. DIAS analysis environment account

These are accounts for logging into the DIAS analysis server or analysis cluster and for users who need to login to perform data analysis using user-created programs; carry out forwarding or format conversion for data provision; or provide application services.

Concerning applications for accounts, please inquire to the DIAS office by email to obtain an application form. Complete the scheduled computation resources, purpose of use, and other required fields, then return the application form to the address listed. An account is issued after a review is conducted and usage is approved based on the application form submitted. Users may only utilize approved analysis servers and analysis cluster nodes. An individual consultation may be necessary because supported system environments and forms of usage differ according to circumstances.

At the present time, DIAS is still at the research and development stage. Accordingly, users can utilize the DIAS analysis server or analysis cluster through application from one of the following 8 programs.

  • The Ministry of the Environment’s Global Environment Integrated Research Expense Strategic Research and Development Project (S-5)
  • CMIP5 Project
  • Data Integration & Analysis System (DIAS)
  • Data Integration & Analysis System Program (DIAS-P)
  • Research Program on Climate Change Adaptation (RECCA)
  • The University green innovation creation project “Green Network of Excellence- environment information” (GRENE-ei)
  • Innovative Program of Climate Change Projection for the 21st Century
  • Social Implementation Program on Climate Change Adaptation Technology (SI-CAT) (scheduled)

3. Individual management accounts

Account management is carried out for each application for the Data Upload System, 3D Data Visual Analysis Tool, and the like because they are not for the general public and have limited users; they are undergoing trial operation; and the common account system for Web applications currently has insufficient authentication functionality. Please inquire to the service reception desk or the DIAS office concerning accounts.