“5-km resolution ensemble climate data in Japan” released

This dataset is a dynamically downscaled version of the “database for Policy Decision-Making for Future Climate Change” (d4PDF) for Japan at a 5km mesh. For the “current” and +2K, +4K climate simulation of d4PDF, they performed downscaling using the Non-Hydrostatic Regional Climate Model (NHRCM) of the Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency.

As for the data that have been dynamically downscaled from d4PDF, the following two datasets have been released from DIAS.

  • dynamical downscaling data for the near future atmospheric projection (from Tohoku to Kyushu) by SI-CAT (SICAT_DDS_5kmTK
  • 5-km resolution ensemble climate data around Hokkaido (heavy rainfall event) (d4PDF_5kmDDS_Hokkaido)

The dataset differs from these two in terms of area, experiment settings, etc. The difference in the reproducibility of the primary variables is currently under investigation and will be announced later.

For more details on this dataset, please refer to the metadata page, the user guide, and the FAQ on the data download page.