Correction of “.ctl” files and defects in daily mean wind speed in “5-km resolution ensemble climate data in Japan.”

We have found two new problems described below with the “5-km resolution ensemble climate data in Japan” (d4PDF_5kmDDS_JP), in addition to the issue we reported separately, in that we have replaced the precipitation data, 

For the first issue, the incorrect “.ctl” file has already been replaced. However, please note that we will not correct the second issue; the daily average wind speed is incorrect due to difficulty replacing them. Please do not use it.

There are no errors in the hourly data in netCDF in either case.

Please also refer to the updated User’s Manual (login with your DIAS account is required) about the issues.

1. Issue in “.ctl” file

There was an incorrect setting in the “pdef” in “[variable].nc_pdef.ctl” files of “6hourly” data.

    (Incorrect)   pdef 550 755 LCCR 35.5 135.4 275 378 30 60 80 5000 5000

    (Correction)    pdef 550 755 LCCR 35.5792 135.371 275 378 30 60 80 5000 5000

If you open the data with the incorrect settings, the latitude and longitude will shift slightly.

The “.ctl” file under the following directory has been corrected. Please download it again.

  •     HPB_m[001-012]/[1951-2020]/6hourly/*.nc_pdef.ctl
  •     HFB_4K_CC_m101/2051/6hourly/*.nc_pdef.ctl
  •     HPB_m004/.1978/*/*.nc_pdef.ctl
  •     HPB_m004/.1984/*/*.nc_pdef.ctl

2. Do not use daily average wind speed

Daily values in this dataset are distributed on a trial basis, but we found an error in the daily average wind speed. Due to a wrong processing procedure, the wind speed at 24 o’clock was stored instead of the daily average wind speed. The daily values in all experiments and years are affected.

We will not correct this error because the daily values are provided on a trial basis, and it isn’t easy to replace only the daily average wind speed.

If you need the daily average wind speed, please create it from the hourly wind values.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused.