JRA-3Q-COBE is newly released, and a part of JRA-3Q added

JRA-3Q-COBE released

JRA-3Q-COBE is a sub-product of JRA-3Q.
For JRA-3Q-COBE, we refer the JMA’s JRA-3Q homepage:

In JRA-3Q, the sea surface temperature (SST) specified as the lower boundary condition is the Centennial In Situ Observation-based Estimates of the Variability of SSTs and Marine Meteorological Variables Version 2 (COBE-SST2) with a resolution of 1° based on in situ observations until May 1985 and the Merged Satellite and In-Situ Data Global Daily Sea Surface Temperature (MGDSST) with a resolution of 0.25° based on satellite observations since June 1985. To enable evaluation of changes in product characteristics following the switch from COBE-SST2 to MGDSST, a sub-product using COBE-SST2 (JRA-3Q-COBE) is also provided for the period from June 1985 to December 1990.

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JRA-3Q added

In addition, JRA-3Q data from September 1947 to December 1990 and from May 2013 onward, previously unavailable, released. You can now access all data since September 1947.

Please access JRA-3Q from the Metadata page to reach the download page.


For the details of JRA-3Q and JRA-3Q-COBE, please refer the JMA’s JRA-3Q website.