SYNCREEL is an image browser with a set of timelines for seeing a large amount of images accumulated along time. By taking advantage of functionality of scrolling multiple timelines in a synchronized manner, realized is the simultaneous browsing of images observed at many points at the same time, observed by many sensors at the same time, or transformed by many image processing algorithms.

A unique feature of SYNCREEL is in the browsing of images with variable speeds over time. You can see the change of images for every minute, or every month. You can freely move from the past to the present along time by scrolling timelines to left or right while changing the interval of time. You can also change the vertical order of timelines, which makes you easier to compare multiple images of the same time.

Another feature of SYNCREEL is the “tag” (maximum 7 tags) that represents the content of images. A tag may represent information on the observed time of images, or the content of images (obtained from image analysis algorithms and so on), and if necessary, we can develop a system that users can give tags based on their interest. When you want to narrow down images from the timeline based on the semantic information of images, please keep focusing on the color of circles that corresponds to the tag you are interested, and narrow down the images by changing the interval of time.

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